Home cleaning services

  • The first visit to clients home is to discuss details and make decisions together about the needed cleaning services. Price estimate visit is free!

  • Home cleaning twice a month or more often  40€/h
  • Home cleaning once a month 45€/h
  • Deep cleaning 45€/h
  • Moving in/out cleanings 45€/h
  • Window cleaning 45€/h
  • Steam cleaning of furniture, carpets and tile surfaces 50€/h

  • Taveling costs 0.30€/kilometer, max 10€. 
  • The minimum cleaning time is 2h

Prices above include VAT 24%

Home cleaning is eligible for tax credit for household expences. Read more about tax credit for household expences

Other cleaning services

  • Office and hallway cleanings: Ask for an offer!

Esitmated cleaning time 

Final time for cleaning is always set at the first meeting. Cleaning time depends on many factors of the home. These times below will give you an idea of a typical time used for certain sized apartments: 

  • 20-35m² - 2h
  • 40- 59m² - 3h
  • 60-79m² - 3.5h
  • 80- 99m² - 4h
  • 100- 119m² - 4.5h
  • 120- 139m² - 5h
  • 140- 159m² - 5.5h
  • 160- 179m² - 6.5h
  • 180- 199m² - 7h

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